A “Second” Location for the Glebe

As of Thursday last week, Bridgehead on 2nd Avenue was officially open for business!

After several days of training on their brand new Synesso and a full day’s work moving the old store on 3rd Ave to what is now the best place to grab a coffee in the Glebe, the staff of 2nd Ave Bridgehead were ready to begin serving world class espresso and amazing prototype paninis with an admirable energy and enthousiasm Thursday morning. We had a great time the first few days introducing new customers to our business and helping long-time Glebite customers adjust to the new, relatively vibrant shop.

Attached are some photos I took during training and the opening days. Have a look, and next time you’re in the Glebe pop in to Bridgehead on Bank & 2nd to congratulate the staff on their new home – and if you see Cliff make sure to order a quintuple rosetta in a 4.5oz cup.


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