Bridgehead Barista Cup: Rules & Regulations

Hi all,

I encourage everyone to read the following document outlining the format, rules and regulations for the Bridgehead Barista Cup.

Bridgehead Barista Cup Rules & Regulations

(Mac users need to have a pdf viewer installed, such as PDF Viewer for Mac

The competition is designed to test the raw barista skills of competitors, asking them to dial-in coffees they are unfamiliar with and to serve these coffees as single espressos and cappuccinos along with comprehensive tasting notes developed during the 15 minute presentation time. As you will see, much of the judging criteria is borrowed from the World Barista Championship.

My objective with this competition is to organize a fun, challenging event that does not require preparation and practice time, apart from developing espresso preparation and tasting skills, while remaining relevant to the World Barista Championship such that the Champion of the Bridgehead Barista Cup will be adequately prepared to compete in the Canadian National Barista Championship.

Please email me with any questions:

Venue and dates to be announced. The competition will most likely be held on a Sunday in advance of the Eastern Regional Barista Competition. I’m hoping for April or May (Les, if you’re reading this… can we have the ERBC in June please!).

Anyone interested in competing must express there interest to me via email before March 31 2009. This date and the rules of the competition or subject to change. Please keep an eye on this blog for any changes.

Anyone with ideas for amazing public venues that have sufficient power for two espresso stations (2x 220v/40A services for machines and various 110v outlets for grinders, A/V stuff, etc) please send you suggestions my way as well!

Lastly, this event cannot be successful without the help of volunteer judges and stage hands. If you have any interest in judging (two full days of committment for training and the actual event) or volunteering, please email me!



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