Learn About: Canadian Organic Growers

As many of you may have heard by now, Bridgehead will be partnering with Canadian Organic Growers to work on a local project. For those who haven’t yet heard of this organization, allow me to make a brief introduction!

COG is a charitable organization that aims to lead Canada’s consumers and producers towards organic values in agriculture by way of education and special projects. Snagged directly from their website:

COG provides leadership in:

– Environmental improvement linked to agriculture and market gardening.
– Quality organic food production.
– Conservation of non-renewable resources in agriculture and market gardening.
– Sustaining local communities.
– Providing and distributing information about organic production and distribution methods.
– Connecting and engaging organic growers and consumers.
– Promoting and informing consumers of all ages about organic value.
– National advocacy for organic integrity to government and organizations.

COG’s activities include:

– Production of the quarterly magazine The Canadian Organic Grower.
– Books, fact sheets, kits and videos produced for growers, consumers, educators and everyone interested in organic food production
– Farm and garden tours, demonstration gardens, farmers’ markets, workshops and conferences organized by local COG chapters.
– The Mary Perlmutter Scholarship, awarded each year to a graduate student undertaking research of benefit to organic growers.
– The COG lending library, a unique free mail service of organic reading materials.
– Co-operation with other organizations and government to achieve policy change to encourage the adoption of organic agriculture, such as the Consumer and Corporate Affairs “Definition of Organic Food”, the “Organic Production Systems General Principals and Management Standards” and the “Organic Products Regulations”.
– COG founded the Heritage Seed Program, now an independent organization called Seeds of Diversity Canada. This grassroots seed-saving program protects the biodiversity of our food crops

To learn more about what COG are doing and who they are, have a poke around their website: http://www.cog.ca

More information on the specifics of the project and how you can get involved will be available shortly!

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