New Barista Cup Event: Bridgehead Latte Art Championship!

Hi all –

I’m excited to announce that we will be adding another event to this years Barista Cup:  The Bridgehead Latte Art Championship!  Following the announcement of the winner of the 2009 Barista Championship (taking place the morning of  June 28th) we will begin our first annual Latte Art Championship.  

The format for this competition will be a “heads up” style of smackdown – two participants at a time will have the opportuinty to pull & pour two medium lattes and submit their best to the judges, whereafter the judges will pick the winner of that heads up battle to continue to the next round.  Participants who win their individual battles will progress through each round until we arrive at THE FINAL BATTLE to determine the 2009 BRIDGEHEAD LATTE ART CHAMPION!!

Latte art will be judged on the following critera:

Major Critera:

  • Coffee/milk colour contrast
  • Clarity/crispness of design
  • Symmetry of pour
  • Centred pour

Minor criteria (tie breakers essentially)

  • Degree of difficulty
  • Creativity

The competition will be open to anyone who shows up on June 28th!  There is no registration or entry fee.  Anyone who knows how to hold a steam pitcher and turn on a steam wand is encouraged to come out and throw down – these competitions are always tons of fun!!  

PRIZES:  The winner will receive a one-of-a-kind Reg Barber Latte Art Champion’s Tamper and 2 Bluesfest Day Passes for Sunday July 12th!

We’re also planning on setting up the La Marzocco Mistral so anyone can drop by to prepare or just drink an espresso or cappuccino from that beautiful machine while they watch the competitions!

See you then!!


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