Bridgehead Barista Championship Scoresheets

The competition to determine who will represent Bridgehead in the Eastern Regional Barista Championship is now less than two weeks away!  Here are the sensory and technical scoresheets that will be used in judging the performances.

BBC Sensory Score Sheet

BBC Technical Score Sheet

I’ll determine the exact time of the competition shortly.  We’ll probably begin the Barista Championship around 10:30 and the Latte Art Championship will begin at about 1:00.

I’m really hoping for a lot of people to come down for the Latte Art Championship – it’s open to any Bridgehead employee that shows up and will work in a similar fashion to the sweet smackdown we had at Golden last week.  Just a reminder – the winner of the Latte Art Championship will receive a one of a kind heartwood Reg Barber Tamper and two Bluesfest day passes for Sunday July 12th.  You never know who is going to win so come out and give it your best a shot!!

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