On our way to La Divisoria

Pam and I arrived without incident (or excitement, flight was 8 hours!) into Lima last night.  We watched the hum of the airport from a pedestrian bridge and then settled in for a good night´s sleep in preparation for the flight to Huanuco this morning.  We are travelling ultralight as we have a huge duffle bag of coffees that we are going to cup with the coop´s newly trained cuppers, William, Benjamin, Katty and Anthony, along with Oscar and Kira from Sustainable Harvest, the importer.  Also in the duffle bag are 40 rainjackets.  When we asked what we could bring we were told rainwear.  We supplemented a generous donation from MEC with some we purchased.  It makes me smile as the MEC logo is practically a Canadian flag among travellers.  We will be cupping sample roasts and production roasts of Equador, East Timor, Sidamo and Mexican.  Ian says the Sidamo is ínsane´.  As it´s a natural coffee with a heady berry scent, it will probably be a unique experience for the Peruvians.  I hope we can post from the coop, if we can´t we will post a few days later.  We´re going to have a chance to visit some farms, it is the middle of the harvest now so we will have a chance to pick some coffee as well as take some great pics.  I´m looking forward to learning about the challenges and benefits of certifying to be able to sell into FTO markets and also be able to understand the chain of price-value from the export coop back to the individual farmer´s cherries …. Later.

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