Three Days ‘Till The Barista Cup!!

Just a reminder that the Bridgehead Barista & Latte Art Championships will be at Urban Element, 424 Parkdale Ave South of Wellington this coming Sunday June 28th!

The Barista Championship will begin at 10:30AM.  Each competitor will have 15 minutes to dial in and develop tasting notes on a coffee they have never pulled before.  They will then present to our team of 4 sensory judges each an espresso and traditional cappuccino while being judged by 2 technical judges in the areas of technique and cleanliness.

The Latte Art Championship will begin at 1:30PM.  This competition is open to any Bridgehead employee that shows up and will be a casual “smackdown” tournament format. It will of course be tons of fun, and the winner will take home their own custom Reg Barber trophy and two Bluesfest Day Passes for July 12th!!

There will also be drinks and snacks at Kyla’s from 4-6PM, just down the street.

See everyone on Sunday!!


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