Simon Bolivar´s Mobile Cupping Laboratory Workshop

After a breakfast that included deep fried yucca (you boil it first apparently)(incredible, flaky like a pastry, a Peruvian croissant), eggs and cheese, we enjoyed a cup of coffee at the coop offices then set out for the farm of Ignacio xxx, who was hosting the inaugural mobile cupping workshop for the Simon Bolivar cooperative members. La Divisoria is an umbrella for more than 20 smaller, regional coops. The mobile lab had set out ahead of us to set up. The lab consists of a sample roaster (a Peruvian knock off of a Probat), a small grinding mill (to remove parchment from green coffee), screens for determining bean size, a grinder (for preparing the cupping samples), a folding cupping table (top and legs both fold in three), cup of excellence cupping sheets, cupping glasses, kettles, filtered water (yes), whiteboard and markers for and a propane tank for fueling the sample roaster. This all fits in the back of a small pick up truck.

More to come….

Tracey and Pam

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