Congrats Joe Tavenier – 2009 Bridgehead Barista Champ!

Yesterday we held the first ever Bridgehead Barista Championship at the Bank & Albert store.  The purpose of the competition was the present competitors with a few distinct challenges:

  • To dial in to its best expression an espresso coffee that the competitors had never used before
  • To develop tasting notes on the way this coffee (pulled to their preference) tasted as espresso and traditional cappuccino, making notes on taste, mouthfeel and flavour
  • To prepare these drinks at a consistently high quality for four sensory judges while being judged on technical consistency and precision by two sensory judges
  • To present to the judges in an engaging fashion, demonstrating professionalism, dedication and passion
  • To research a separate assigned coffee and deliver information on that coffee to the judges

Joe (from Golden) won the day by performing with near perfect technical consistency and precision as well as pulling the most balanced espresso shots of the day.  In a very close second was Cliff Hansen (Second & Grove) who demonstrated an admirable knowledge of his coffee and served the judges exceptionally sweet, texturally delighful and full flavoured cappuccinos. 

Congrats to Brendan Butt (Golden) and Andre McEvenue (Albert) for giving engaging and confident performances.  It was a very close competition and it was a thrill to be served by all of you!


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