Bridgehead Barista Takes Second Place, Has Fun, Drinks Tasty Coffee

The Eastern Regional Barista Competition wrapped up successfully late yesterday afternoon in Montreal and it was with immense pride that I was able to applaud our own Cliff Hansen for placing 2nd in the region.  Cliff executed a rock solid performance during his first 15 minutes on stage — that’s not to say he’s inexperienced with barista competitions as he’s probably cleaned more machines, bussed more tables and nabbed the remnants of more espressos, cappuccinos and sig drinks than anyone as a dedicated volunteer.  Excellence in volunteerism, barista skills, coffee knowledge, sportsmanship and an unbridled curiosity will surely give Cliff a strong chance at placing the in the top 6 at the Canadian National Barista Championship at Vancouver in October!  Please congratulate Cliff and give him an epic high five when you see him!

Feelings of pride were in surplus yesterday as we also had the pleasure of watching Brendan Butt courageously enter the competition with hardly a week’s notice to prepare.  Brendan had an immediate impact on the crowd with his exceptional vocal clarity and engaging style.  The whole building was behind him as he faced several technical difficulties, and we were all thoroughly impressed as he kept his cool and delivered his full performance despite running a little short on time!  Well done Brendan – I can’t wait to see you up there the next time!

A HUGE thankyou to the volunteers who made it to Montreal for the weekend to help out with timekeeping, equipment cleaning, camera work, bussing tables, etc.  The competition could not happen without you and it’s with great pride that we have been able to continue our tradition of volunteerism at these events.

Of course I can’t forget to congratulate our good friend Anthony Benda from Cafe Myriade in Montreal for his stunning performance in taking a well deserved victory!  Anthony has served as a brilliant example of coffee professionalism for many Bridgehead baristas and we are proud to represent Eastern Canada with he and Alex Scott (also of Myriade) in the Nationals!

5 thoughts on “Bridgehead Barista Takes Second Place, Has Fun, Drinks Tasty Coffee

  1. Congratulations, Cliff! Best of luck preparing for Nationals; I’ll be watching and cheering for you from Germany (a.k.a. Land of No-Spro).

    – Ken

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