Bridgehead Waste: The Tour

Pam found a hair spray can in a heavily contaminated compost pile.

Pam found a hair spray can in a heavily contaminated compost pile.

On August 27th a number of Bridgehead managers, enviro reps and interested employees took a field trip out to the garbage, recycling and compost facilities where Bridgehead waste ends up.  The first stop was Lafleche composter and bioreactor. We learned what makes good compost, specifically a low level of contaminants. The most important thing we took away from the experience was the importance of careful waste streaming, making sure that only true compost ends up in the bins.

Next we toured the Goulbourn recycling facilities, where we learned the importance of choosing sustainable packaging that is easy to reuse and recycle, such as the four litre milk jugs used in store. We were impressed with their facilities and the new strides they are taking to make everyday operations more environmentally friendly. Once again, the more precise we are at separating types of recyclables, and keeping it free of contaminants, the more effective recycling is.

Garbage isn’t generally something to feel good about, but it is good to know that our garbage stays local, rather than burning fuel to send it out of site and out of mind. Additionally, the bioreactor breaks down waste at a much faster speed than conventional facilities.

Both tours were highly informative and fun. Thank you to everyone who participated.



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