Selva Negra Workers’ Fair

Each year Mausi and Eddy Kuhl, the owners of Selva Negra, host a fair for the workers of their farm as well as for farmers in the surrounding region.  The purpose is to celebrate community, to get to know each other and to share ideas.

The fair took place in the Selva Negra workers’ village where there were booths set up like one would find at a trade show, each dedicated to demonstrating an agricultural practice or skilled trade deployed on Selva Negra.  These ranged from varieties of coffee plants used, crop husbandry implements, safety tools for non-organic farmers, organic agricultural tools and methods as well as various arts, crafts and textiles. The fair was a full energy event with a dance competition and a DJ with some impressively loud gear.  It was a little surreal to hear the latest hip-hop tracks blasted across the hills accompanied by geese and howler monkeys in the harmony section as the workers huddled around cheering each other on  in a wheelbarrow race and a slightly racier dance contest.  The main event was a team challenge involving climbing up a 20 foot pole completely covered in lard to grab a ribbon out of a bin at the top.

One thought on “Selva Negra Workers’ Fair

  1. Workers fair.
    That is a true name in this case, the farm workers did very proudly prepared their own stands, and games. Workers children galore!. They have school, medical clinic, good food and housing, and sports

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