The Synessification of Wellington

I’m excited to announce that Paul & I will be Synessifying Wellington this evening!  This will bring us up to 90% Synessification, and with Richmond going online early next week we’ll be 100% at long last.

I’ve had a number of thoughts rattling around my mind the past few days with regards to what this transition means to me and what I think it means to us as a community.  I’ll save those for next week – for now I’d simply like to invite everyone to drop into Wellington for an incredible espressso or latte next time you’re in Wellington West!

…just not all at once please!

2 thoughts on “The Synessification of Wellington

  1. On behalf of all the hardworking, coffee loving free spirits down here at Wellington my I be the first to say:


    We are very excited to join the Synesso ranks!

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