What’s pulling this week…

Hi all, here’s a brief espresso update for those prone to a little enjoyment thereof.

Current blend composition:

2008 Peru La Divisoria

2009 Mexico Coatlanes (Santa Domingo & San Sebastien, Oaxaca)

2008 East Timor Cooperativa Café Timor

2008 Ecuador Loja Procafeq/Fapecafes (2009 crop is here and will be in the blend within a week I think)

Pulling at:

  • 202.5F to 203.0F
  • 15-16 grams for a yielded beverage weight of about 32 grams

Aroma: It’s tough to find words for as the aromas when we pull at winter brew temperatures above 202F.  They aren’t obvious in the sense that blueberries, for instance, are quite obviously blueberries.   There is certainly a peanut-like quality leading a generally nut-like aroma profile, with a dense freshly baked bread character nuanced with bush-like flora (in a good way… think Scotch whiskey descriptions…).

Taste Balance: Balanced; not especially sweet.  There is a nice hit of  crisp acidity to add a bit of energy, although the general theme of the coffee is definitely calming and warming rather than energized.

Flavour: Typical of shots of this blend pulled at higher temperatures, we’re mostly getting that baked bread, nut-like and slightly bushy quality dominating the flavour along with a clove-like spiciness at some shops while others are pulling shots with more of  that dried physalis-like fruitiness (Golden & Gilmour for instance).

Mouthfeel: Super dense; not extremely oily but “buttery” is not an inappropriate description.

Aftertaste: Very long lasting nut-like & toasty

On the horizon: We should have the 2009 Ecuador Procafeq in the blend within a week or two.  Strictly based on the sample I cupped before it shipped from Ecuador I suspect (or hope, rather) this might introduce some hazelnut-like flavours.  It’ s the best coffee we’ve had from that coop so I’m pretty excited!  There is also a chance we may look at adjusting the roast profile to allow us to pull with slightly lower temperatures during the low water alkalinity seasons.

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