New Ecuador in Espresso This Week

Just a quick note that we’re seeing some of the 2009 Ecuador Procafeq Coop coffee roasted in the espresso this week.  It is in some of the batches roasted on Monday that are in service today through Sunday.  As of late in the day Sunday all of the espresso should have the new crop in it.

Although it only amounts to 16% of the blend there is a very noticable difference in the viscosity visually when it pours.  Essentially we’re getting “gloopier” pours with a higher concentration of oils – something that should consistently result in more flavour intensity, more balanced taste and of course a pretty amped mouthfeel.

The lot we’re using this year is the best we’ve had from Procafeq in 3 seasons with their coffee.  More notes to come once I’ve had ample time to play with it.  If you notice your espresso is extra gloopy, give it a taste for curiosity’s sake (as you should be doing anyway!!).

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