Our new digs at Sparks & Metcalfe

We seem to have a thing for old banks.  Our newest coffeehouse at the corner of Sparks & Metcalfe, like two of our other shops, was originally built for a bank, in this case, Montreal Trust.  When we removed the improvements of the previous tenant (Tim Horton’s, but that’s a longer story), we found some of the original finishings of the bank, including marble terrazzo floor and vintage Brazilian rosewood paneling.  Needless to say we restored these finishes.  There’s something comforting and grounding in linking to the original intent and sense of place in a building. 

 The manager of this shop, Jen Broad, along with the members of her team, and several members of the support team, Pam, Ian, Laura, Paul, Kim, Gina, Linda and Nancy helped to get the shop ready to open yesterday.  Well done everyone.

 There are still a few finishing touches to be completed, including restoring the shock mounts on our vintage shell chairs (tonight’s job!), but the most important elements, open doors, friendly faces,  freshly roasted coffee and tea, along with our new croissants (!) are complete!  We look forward to serving you.

3 thoughts on “Our new digs at Sparks & Metcalfe

  1. I wish you all the best. I think the place is awesome. And this is way off topic as it has nothing to do with the food/drink experience, but I love the fabric on the banquette at this store! Zingy.

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