Croissant Dough Threatens to Consume Kitchen

Every evening, around dusk, you can find large masses of croissant dough ‘bulk fermenting’ on work tables in our Kitchen.   It’s one of many stages that helps to produce the right flavor and texture in the croissants we are now making by hand in our Kitchen.  Alongside milk, butter, just the right flour formulation, and disciplined processes for laminating, sheeting, shaping, proofing and baking, time is one of the most important ingredients in our new croissants.  We add time several places—during our long, slow pre-fermentation, our bulk fermentation, our retardation of the dough overnight, and even during proofing. 

Our croissants currently include croissant, chocolatine, ham & gruyere and our morning bun, and soon will include almondine.

Please leave a comment to let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “Croissant Dough Threatens to Consume Kitchen

  1. I am always surprised when I get an almondine. The first bite is always “dry” due to the crispiness and flakiness but it just prepares the mouth for an explosion of flavors the second I taste the filling.

  2. Hi Marc-André,

    As far as I know we haven’t received any almond croissants into our shops. Our current lineup is Croissant, Ham and Gruyére, Chocolatine and our Morning Bun.

    Wait ’till you try our almondine 🙂


  3. Any croissant/coffee pairings you would recommend with your croissant, ham and gruyere, or chocolatine?

    I love your fresh mornings bun with strong and bitter dark roast coffee. The opposing flavours are great.

  4. Well now, I am confused!

    I am pretty sure I had a croissant-like pastery with almonds and a bit of powdered sugar at the 440 Richmond location twice actually at the beginning of March.

    I really don’t think I was dreaming but if I was, I hope those almondine are as good as the ones in my dream.

    I ran to the Elgin shop to see if it was something else but it is not croissant-free at this time of the day.

  5. Hey Marc-André! Those are probably the the old croissants!! They would have disappeared around the beginning of March! Coming soon: NEW Almondines!! (I am so excited!!)

    Dear Kitchen, I JUST finished a Ham-and-Gruyere Croissant for breakfast, and it was SO good. And not just the ham bit or the cheese bit, but the croissant dough was perfectly buttery and flaky this morning.


  6. Alana,

    Thank you for showing to the world that I am not completely crazy! Can’t wait to try those almandines.

    If you want to explore the world of delicious pastries in Montreal in that Bridgehead-less world – poor them (or looking for tasty inspiration for those new creations), be sure to swing by Olive & Gourmando in Old Montreal. I had a great Saturday morning there a few weeks ago. Monocle magazine said it has the best pastries for breakfast in the world. Obviously, Monocle, just like me, hasn’t had the chance yet to taste your new ones.

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