Earth Week

Earth week is from April 19th to April 24th, with Earth Day on April 22nd.

To celebrate, Bridgehead will be promoting the small things we do year-round for the environment:

Bring in your own mug for the week and save $.27 each time.

Pick up a bag of used coffee grinds at Bridgehead. Bridgehead composts their coffee grinds and other food waste year-round. During the spring, coffee grinds, which are high in nitrogen, are a great addition to your home compost, or to lightly sprinkle directly onto your garden.

April 22nd is also the launch date of the Spring/Summer limited edition coffee fundraising blend! This year, Growing Up Organic Blend returns. Support raised organic vegetable gardens in local schools when you buy this blend. Bridgehead volunteers will be out helping build gardens and plant seeds during Earth Week and throughout the summer.

Finally, get involved in your community and share your interests with your coffee shop neighbours. Participate in the David Suzuki Book Club Bring in a used book that inspired you and take one home.

Participating locations:

Bridgehead 224 Dalhousie @ St. Patrick

Bridgehead 1277 Wellington @ Caroline

Bridgehead 440 Richmond Rd. @ Golden

Bridgehead 366 Bank @ Gilmour

The book swap will run from April 19th to 22nd.

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