Earth Day: Growing Up Organic Blend Launch

If you happened to purchase a medium roast coffee at Bridgehead on Earth Day, you enjoyed our Growing Up Organic fundraising blend. $2 from every pound goes to support the Growing Up Organic program, which builds organic vegetable gardens in Ottawa schools. The supporting curriculum encourages children to get to know their food and teaches them how to grow it. Enjoy this blend for the taste and the cause throught the summer.


To celebrate the occasion, Ashley Simpson and Gina Becker braved the frigid, damp weather to help teachers and students at Woodroffe Public School build six raised vegetable gardens. All seven schools with gardens are planting various seeds and watching them grow. Before the final days of school they should have lettuce and spinach for a wonderful salad, and plenty of tomatoes, beans and peppers to eat when they get back from summer holidays. Bridgehead volunteers will be helping keep the gardens watered and tended throughout the summer. To learn more about Growing up Organic visit the blog

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