Bridgehead celebrates with some friendly barista competition

On Saturday May 1st Bridgeheads across the city shut down early so all staff could make their way to the newest Bridgehead on Sparks and Metcalfe. Everyone enjoyed Beau’s beer and shared an enormous Fair Trade Brownie to honour the occasion. 

Our best noses and palates stepped forward to test their sensory skills in the Bridgehead “Slurp Off”, with Ian Chardine from the Dalhousie shop taking home the top prize! Bridgehead’s first “Tandemonium Show Down” went well into the night with each store putting forward their best bar team-mates to make four drinks as quickly as possible while also being judged on taste and presentation. Results were: 1st place – Golden; 2nd place – Dalhousie; and 3rd place – Albert. Visit the Richmond at Golden store to view their impressive custom made trophy. Congratulations to all teams; everyone had amazing spirit, great costumes, and groovy dance moves!

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