3 thoughts on “Celebrate Bridgehead’s 10th Anniversary

  1. Wow! 10yrs? Congrats Tracey! How time flies
    It honestly doesn`t feel like 10yrs has gone by. I worked at Jordash Restaurant supplies at the time and you let me quote on the project.
    Congrats again and all the best in the next 10

  2. Hey

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Ten years that is awesome. I wish i could have been there for the party but its a little bit of a commute from Switzerland. Missing everyone there and the great coffee. Take care and have a great summer.


    AKA Baron

  3. 10 years….Congratulations Tracey and the Bridgehead team. Had the good fortune to drop into the new Sparks St. location this weekend for coffee with some old friends from my “restaurant years” in Ottawa. Great looking cafes, good service, great products sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner. It’s a leadership example for others to follow.

    Bob Prenovost

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