If you’re familiar with Bridgehead, then you are certainly familiar with the question ”Is that for here, or to go?”  As a conscious effort to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste produced by takeout packaging, those words invite the customer to stop and think for a moment – perhaps they do have a few minutes to sit and enjoy their coffee in the shop, with a porcelain mug.  Not only does this cut down on waste, but it also allows a slower and more rewarding appreciation of the coffee, tea, and food served at Bridgehead. 

In order to drive this philosophy home, a new feature wall is being fabricated, using takeout lids as a motif. This design, consisting of over 500 carefully crafted plaster casts of lids, will grace the interior of the future Slater Street location set to open at the end of the summer.  Like the living walls found in a number of our locations, the goal is to bring an eco-friendly aesthetic into the store.  Inspired by a design from the now-defunct Ini Ani coffee shop based in New York, the lids are a stylish reminder of the sheer number of takeout cups mindlessly thrown out on a daily basis.

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 A team is busily working on churning out these forms using hydrocal, a dentist-grade plaster ordinarily used for picking up fine details in teeth.  For the lids with even finer grooves, a bubblegum pink silicone mold is used.  The hydrocal dries harder and whiter than average plaster, allowing the nuanced details in the lids to truly shine.

 The team is also working on a second feature wall, that is composed of narrow strips of corrugated cardboard fitted in steel frames.  The cardboard represents the cup portion of the ‘to go’ coffee experience.

 The members of the Plaster Lid Collective are Clare Brebner, Corianne Coutu, Creggan Daubenny, Robin Clugston, Michelle Poitras and Julie Hong (Team Leader).

 Keep an eye out for updates as the collection of lids expands and eventually finds its way up on the wall!

2 thoughts on “THE PLASTER LID COLLECTIVE: for here, to go

  1. Robin Clugston is also a memeber of the collective and though she is shown photographed her name was left outta the write up 🙂

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