Eastern Regional Barista Championship 2010

Hello Bridgehead land!

After a 5 hour white knuckle drive through torrential downpour, we finally made it back from the big city of Toronto. We return with a trunk full of memories, amazing coffee and great friends (we loved the Montreal/Cafe Myriade crew so much, we put them in our trunk and took them home). I can speak for everyone when I say how great of a time we had and how proud we were to represent Bridgehead.

Congratulations to Cliff and Laura for putting together fantastic performances. Be sure to give Cliff a sweet high five when you see him…….our homeboy finished 3rd and is off to the nationals in Mississauga!

We had a tireless team of volunteers who worked so hard and choreographed a great day of competition. Brendan (Golden) was the A/V all-star, if you watched the live stream online you can thank him for the beautiful transitions and awesome camera angles. Creegan (Sparks) was in charge of scheduling start times for the 15 minute prep and 15 minute performance. She ran a tight ship and kept a smile on her face the entire day! Chantal (Golden) kept the espresso machines clean to the highest of standards and acted as a runner for the competitors during their routine. Mia is a lucky lady to have her on her staff! I (Randy from Albert) acted as the performance time keeper. I was the voice reminding the already nervous baristas of how much time they had remaining in their performance. Ian was one of two head judges and had the hardest job of the day. It was great to see him in his element doing what he does best. Although Cliff and Laura competed, they didn’t let it stop them from helping out when they could. Very cool.

A huge thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to attend! It was a great trip and such an amazing experience.

If anyone is passionate about becoming a competition level barista, I strongly recommend attending this type of event. We have a mountain of resources and a serious pedigree of experienced baristas. We are extremely lucky to have access to as much as we do. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! I know I will.

Here are a few pics I snapped throughout the trip. Enjoy!

Love, Randy

3 thoughts on “Eastern Regional Barista Championship 2010

  1. Sounds like a great time! We were watching intently as much as we could and cheering for our team.
    Really impressed by all of your efforts, always so many nice things to say about our people after, which makes us who are not there really be proud to be working for the same company as all of you!
    Good job everyone, big Congrats to Cliff and good luck in September!!
    Golden Crew

  2. Big WOO HOO to Clifford and Laura… and thank you Randy for such a passionate followup to the event. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I love this company! ❤

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