Community, Coffee and Competition

This evening, Cliff Hansen is making a list, checking it twice, packing, accounting for everything: Demitasse spoons, napkins, milk, coffee(!), music playlist, and so on. He’s turned to help in the greater barista community for an available grinder (thank you Anthony!). All this running around begs the question: What in the world is this barista doing and why isn’t he pulling shots this weekend at Bridgehead?

Tomorrow, Jen B (Sparks), Randy (Albert), Evan (Golden), Brendan (Golden), Laura p and Cliff set out to Toronto to volunteer and compete in the Annual Canadian National Barista Championship This Sunday and Monday.

The competition runs alongside the national coffee and tea show, and it’s purpose is to choose the barista who performs at the highest level, following the rules of the World Barista Championship. Whoever comes out on top gets a sponsored trip to Bogota, Colombia in 2011 to compete as one of over 50 national champions at the World Barista Championship.

So this is kind of a big deal. We are excited. We hope you are too!

As a side note, Laura is competing in the cup tasters championship. Remember that slurp off at the sparks opening party? It’s kind of like that – with slightly less heckling.

For more information on the barista championship go here

Please watch the live stream Sunday and Monday :

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