Guatemalan Barista Championship Day 1 & 2

Later on this afternoon we’ll begin the final round of the competition, featuring the top 6 of the field of 16.  We’ve had a great competition thus far, and the finals should be very exciting!  Here are a few images from the past couple days

The competition was part of Anacafe's Coffee Fest - a celebration and promotion of Guatemala's excellent coffee

The venue for the competition was the atrium inside Anacafe's headquarters. The natural light and presence of nature made it a very comfortable environment!

Anacafe runs a coffee school that trains (I believe I heard correctly...) over 2000 students per year in various coffee preparation techniques.

The crowd on day 2, bathed in scattered sunshine.

They had a boom camera! This produced some very cool shots for the video feed. We had to watch that our scoresheets were well guarded.

Coffee Fest was happening outside with live musical performances, a clown, cotton candy, coffee and trade show style booths for various companies to promote themselves.

We were treated to some refined entertainment.

Paparazzi were ever present

Making a Siphon a high altitude requires a special technique called the "kiss of encouragement"

Los Seis Finalistas!

The International Judges (menos Rodrigo) with Enrique and Amory from Anacafe

These prizes await the results from this afternoon!

One thought on “Guatemalan Barista Championship Day 1 & 2

  1. The finals where very exciting! I’m very surprised Raúl R. (2009 champion) didn’t participated… taking in care he got the 2nd place in that year’s WBC. I’m sure Jose de la Peña is going to represent Guatemala very well in Bogota 2011.

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