Turning Milk Bags into Bed Mats

A group of women in Wendover, Ontario are using used milk bags to make bed mats for people living in Haiti. Bridgehead is now helping Summerlea Dairy to collect these bags for them to use!

The women cut the bags into strips and tie them together to form long strips. They then crochet them together into hammocks. One single adult bed takes anywhere between 300-500 milk bags. It is a project that helps communities in need as well as re-directing these bags from waste facilities.

The donations start this week and we look forward to seeing how the project progresses. Thanks to everyone for helping out!

6 thoughts on “Turning Milk Bags into Bed Mats

  1. Hello, I am involved in the making of bedmats for Haiti.

    A friend’s family physician saw her crocheting the mats in the waiting room. There was an indication that mats 3’x2′ were needed for newborns. Then a friend showed me the above photo.

    Is there a pattern to add the fabric to the mat? I am not a sewer?

    With thanks and kind regards,

  2. Hello Margaret,

    We just supply the empty milk bags through Summerlead Dairy. Our company doesn’t actually do any of the construction of the mats. Sorry!

  3. Thank you very much for your reply. I was hoping the people who made the newborn mat as displayed on your website would let me know the instructions for sewing.

    Bridgehead is doing a great job of supplying bags. Friends who work in your coffeeshop are gathering them as well.

    With thanks and kind regards,

  4. Are you still collecting milk bags? We used to save them until someplace else we were donating to told us they were no longer doing so. If you want more, we’d love to send them to you.

    • Sorry, but we ourselves don’t actually collect the bags. The company we get our milk from (Summerlea Dairy) just collected all the bags we used and sent them to different groups.

      Thanks for the interest though!

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