Bridgehead + Beau’s = WinterBrewed!

Check out this article from Ron Eade in today’s Ottawa Citizen blogs!

 By roneade Thu, Feb 3 2011


Local brewers collaborate to celebrate Winterlude


Two local companies, Beau’s All-Natural Brewing and Bridgehead Coffee, have collaborated to create a special beer to help Ottawans keep warm during Winterlude this year. “WinterBrewed” is a strong amber ale brewed by Beau’s, infused with an organic coffee selected by Bridgehead. One thousand individually numbered bottles will be sold from the brewery starting Feb. 10.

Bridgehead and Beau’s will throw a party to celebrate the last weekend of Winterlude with a licensed event on Saturday Feb. 19 at the Bridgehead location at 96 Sparks St. from 6 to 9 p.m., when the public is invited to come by and enjoy a glass of Beau’s/Bridgehead’s WinterBrewed beer.

“We’ve appreciated Beau’s all-natural and handcrafted approach to brewing beer and we’ve enjoyed many of their seasonal brews,” says Ian Clark, coffee guru at Bridgehead. “WinterBrewed is our first opportunity to collaborate.”

As for choosing the right bean for the project, Ian adds: “We wanted to go with a medium altitude Central or South American coffee because they tend to be very clean with flavours we thought would be complementary to the beer — nuts, cocoa powder and warm spices. There were a few coffees that would have done the trick, but we settled upon a coffee from around the town of San Juan del Rio Coco in Madriz, Nicaragua because of the pronounced Dutch-processed cocoa aromas.”

The beer selected for the blend holds its own as well: a strong ale with a rich amber colour, which features toasty, biscuity notes from the malt, and a herbal, slightly fruity contribution from the hops.

“We wanted this to be a true collaborative project with Bridgehead,” says Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s. “There are a lot of beers out there that use coffee as an ingredient, but that wasn’t our vision. WinterBrewed blends two yummy beverages into a sum that is tastier than its parts.”

The party on Feb. 19 kicks off with a media and VIP tasting from 5 to 6 pm, and then opens to the public from 6 to 9 pm at Bridgehead Coffee, 96 Sparks St. (at Metcalfe). Bridgehead is adding a warming chili to the menu for the evening, musicians will entertain, and Bridgehead’s Ian Clark as well as Beau’s brewers and staff will be on hand to greet guests and talk about this unique collaborative project.

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