Preston Street Roasting Works!

It’s official!  Bridgehead has leased premises at Preston & Anderson, near the Plant Bath, in the old Preston & Lieff Glass Building, for the home of its future Roasting Works.

A word about the building

Built in the 1920s for Bell Canada, the building originally was a carriage stable.  The building is made of triple red-brick construction, with a concrete-wood double peaked roof, and rugged, industrial steel girder supports.  The building has a lot of character and will be the perfect backdrop for our roasting operations.  We plan to expose all that brick and steel girder.

Our concept

A micro-brewery of coffee—customers who visit our Preston Roastery will be able to see roasting in action, enjoy coffee brewed at any of a pour-over station, siphon station or espresso bar.  Also, with the larger training centre, we will be able to move our seminar program from Urban Element to the Roastery and expand upon it.  

Once we are roasting all of our own coffee, our  plan is to deliver coffee to the shops daily as though retail coffee for sale were like a breakfast baked good.  Supporting actions include slimming down the coffee product line to include a core of classic blends available all year round, and rotating, seasonal single-origin coffees, including the occasional micro-lot with very limited availability.  (It’s difficult to be able to speak to 19 different coffees now ….).

The site will become our flagship and nerve-centre, hosting our Roastery, a coffeehouse, expanded support and training centre, and warehouse! Check back for updates as we’ll try to keep everyone up to date on this exciting project!

12 thoughts on “Preston Street Roasting Works!

  1. Great news! I’m glad to hear the plans came through for you! This will move Dalhousie neighbourhood from a Bridgehead desert to a Bridgehead mecca! My coffee-addicted colleagues will be ecstatic. (Though Elgin will still be my base camp)


    Charles Akben-Marchand
    Dalhousie Community Association

  2. Please don’t ever stop making Costa Rican Cloudforest!

    I have created a small group of Cloudforest addicts and we would all be lost without our favourite brew!

    Good luck with the Roasting Works!

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