It’s Easy Being Green at Bridgehead!

Last week was Earth Day all across Canada, but we try to celebrate Earth Day every day here at Bridgehead!

Here are some of our most successful environmental projects:

Compost, Compost, Compost!

Approximately 74% of all the waste our stores produce is compostable. Only 17% of all Bridgehead waste (by weight) is thrown into traditional garbage pick-up. The good news just keeps on coming since we’ve also found that Bridgehead has reduced our volume of garbage from 73% of total waste produced in 2008 to 49% of total in 2010. We now even compost in the winter at most locations!

Shaking Up Take-Out

Even if you have to take out our products, almost everything except the hot cup lids and sandwich plastic wrap are biodegradable! That’s right! Hot and cold cups, straws, cutlery, soup and salad containers are all made from biodegradable materials. Even if they don’t make it to compost facilities, they will biodegrade in landfills within a couple of months which is still great news!

Clear Signage = Clear Waste Streaming

We are trying to help out our customers to dispose of their waste better in-store through new and improved signage so they know what’s compostable, recyclable and just plain old garbage. Check out the new stickers and labels popping up all over our stores and if you’re not sure if something is compostable, just ask!

Some other important environmental initiatives we’re proud of are:

  • using re-usable bins for all our shops deliveries of food items and dry goods and coffee from our warehouse
  • a growing emphasis on sourcing local, organic produce for our sandwiches, salads and other foods
  • heading towards a more paperless human resources format
  • making sure all of our lighting, HVAC and heating are being used efficiently
  • ensuring paper products  in all parts of our company are being recycled effectively
  • choosing energy-efficient equipment and building materials in our new and current stores

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