Grounds for Gardens!

It may be a wet and chilly spring, but it’s a spring nonetheless which means it’s time to get out there and start your gardens!

Want to wake up your garden and get it going? Try giving it some coffee! As in the past, our shops will be saving our used coffee grounds and re-sealing them in 5lb bags for our green-thumbed customers to take home to their gardens. Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen so great for the garden, but they can also be acidic so composting well before adding to the garden may be better, but small amounts can be added directly to garden. Check out the pictures below from our lovely Slater staff who took it further and with the help of some soil mixed in with the coffee grounds, made stand-up planters directly out of the bags. Great idea guys!

3 thoughts on “Grounds for Gardens!

  1. Hey guys, just a little note from someone at Dal. I was reading the latest post and wanted to let you know there are two spelling mistakes in ‘Grounds for Gardens!’: “try giving it come coffee” in the first sentence and “coffe grounds” in the last sentence. I understand if this isn’t of huge importance, but I thought you might, maybe want to know.

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