Growing Up Organic Fundraiser

Once again, this summer we will be dedicating our fundraising blend to the Growing Up Organic program, a program dedicated to teaching school children the importance of organic farming.

As in past years, the money will go towards the creation and harvest of six organic vegetable gardens in the neighbourhoods of our stores, but this year a portion of the money raised will also go towards Songberry Farm. Songberry Farm is a local organic farm that provides us with some of our seasonal vegetables, like those shown in the picture, for our sandwiches and salads. Usually we use items like their squash, tomatoes and basil, but it depends on what’s growing!

This year, with help from our staff volunteers, we will be supporting the building of organic gardens at six schools around Ottawa. These gardens are meant to expose children to the entire process of gardening: from planting to tending to harvesting. As we live in an increasingly urban environment, many children may not have the opportunity to garden at home so an outlet like this is essential.

Songberry Farm is a family-run farm outside of Ottawa and they are planning to use the money raised to build a cooler and packing shed to be able to better store and pack their fresh, organic vegetables before getting them out to their eager customers. Songberry also plans on having a few groups of school children come to farm for a field trip and really see how a small, organic farm operates.

For more information on Canadian Organic Growers and its youth-oriented Growing Up Organic Project visit and check back here for updates throughout the growing season!

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