Barista Jam – June 2!

Come one, come all to Bridgehead’s Barista Jam! It’s an opportunity for baristas and coffee-lovers alike to come together and have fun, make coffee, learn more, and essentially nerd out. The first part of the jam will be the coffee-tasting Triangulation Challenge which consists of picking out the one coffee that’s different in a group of three coffees – open to staff and customers to participate!

The second challenge is the Two Headed Barista Challenge! The team of two baristas will be tied together and can only use one of their own hands to make a latte and a traditional cappuccino in under 5 minutes. It will be a fun night full of the thrills and spills of barista-dom so come on down on June 2nd to our shop at 362 Richmond Rd. from 7-9pm!

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