Where Bridgehead’s Waste Goes

Yesterday, members of some stores’ enviroteams and a few managers took a trek out to the Lafleche compost facilities and the Tomlinson recycling facility to learn about where Bridgehead’s waste goes.

The Lafleche facility is unique because it’s actually located on a peat bog over a base of marine clay. We saw where the compost arrives and is sorted, where it is laid out in canals to decompose. We even walked over where the liquid leaches off and flows in pipes below the receiving facility to aerating ponds outside. Even that liquid is aerated and purified until it’s practically drinkable and released back into the local water system. It takes about 17 hours to purify a drop of water, so you can imagine how much work that takes!  The smell was over-whelming to say the least, but we all made it through to the end!

After a bus ride to catch our breath and air ourselves out a bit, we got to the Tomlinson recycling facilities that handles plastics, metals and fibres. For example, they process about 9 tonnes of just #1 plastics (water bottles) per month. Everything goes through magnets to sort out the metals and then most of the plastics are hand-sorted. All the materials are then squeezed through the baler to condense them and make everything into manageable bales to sort and send out to processing facilities.

If you’d like more information about the waste facilities Bridgehead uses, just send an e-mail to inquire@bridgehead.ca and I’ll get you the answers! Or sniff out one of the people who went and ask them about their experience of the facilities.

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