Squash Harvest at Songberry Organic Farm

We came, we saw, we squashed!

Our team of six took to the fields at Songberry Organic Farm yesterday, lending a hand to Rob Wallbridge and his family with their squash harvest!

Songberry is a local organic farm in Bristol, Québec run by Rob Wallbridge and his wife Julie. They’ve been farming there since 2003 and now grow over 200 varieties of vegetables. Bridgehead buys produce from them on a regular basis for our sandwiches and salads. They are also the farm selected to benefit from our Growing Up Organic blend of coffee where a portion of the proceeds from every bag bought goes to them. They’ve put this money towards building a packing shed and washing station!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Fall day to do it on, and we’d like to thank Rob for letting us come and help out! To find out more about Songberry Organic Farm, check out their website!

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