Beau’s Oktoberfest!

Bridgehead represented as it always does this past weekend out in Vankleek Hill for Beau’s Oktoberfest.  With a fully operating synesso and milk fridge the crew set up shop to rock out some amazing lattes and americanos.  The weather was wet and cold but made for a busy weekend for those pumping out drinks.  In some parts of the festival the line for lattes was longer than the line for beer!  A special thanks to those who came out and worked Oktoberfest!  Those who worked were: Ian Clark, Meryl from the kitchen, Daron, Christi, and Grace from Albert, Dan, Kat and myself from Sparks, Alex and Paul from Elgin, Alana from Golden,  and Cliff from Second.  A special thanks to Harriet, Jen Rao and Linda for helping out with supplies.  As well as Mia, Ben and Chris for getting people, equipement and supplies out to make it such a successful event! Wunderbar!!!

– Jen Broad

P.S. If anyone got any pictures, send them to and I’ll put them up!

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