Roaster Recon Mission

As you are all hopefully aware, we’re in the thick of plans to bring an engaging and innovative Coffee Roastery to Preston Street this coming Spring.  In what may be recognized as the most self-evident statement in Bridgehead blogging history, I’d like to note that a Roastery is very much lacking in usefulness without an accompanying roaster.

In an important milestone along the road to resolving the above dilemma, earlier this week we literally got our “hands” on the skeleton of what will be our primary production roaster in the near future.  We’re very excited to be installing at the Preston St Roastery a new Probat G60 drum roaster.  Here’s a little photo of our new friend in skeletal form, currently at a production facility in the greater Chicago area:

There is still plenty of work to be done on the roaster — the above photo only shows the “drum” component that is manufactured in Germany.  The remainder — housing, burners and motors for the drum as well as about a dozen other ancillary pieces of equipment still need to be fabricated and assembled. When all is said and done we’ll have quite a spiffy roasting plant to play around with.  This investment in modern, versatile equipment will result in a new, innovative roasting dynamic behind each coffee you enjoy.

At the Roastery itself you can look forward to an engaging experience observing and interacting with our Roasting/Quality Assurance team while enjoying a tasty coffee in a full-fledged coffeehouse right off the production floor.   We’re going to be operating on two roasters to begin with:  the Probat G60 and a smaller Giesen W15 (manufactured in Holland) for smaller, special batches and experimentation.  Outside the roastery itself we’ll be moving to more regular deliveries of ultra-fresh coffee and a more dynamic, seasonal oriented line-up of tasty and interesting coffees.  It’s going to be pretty awesome and we can’t wait to get started!

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