Interested in Getting Some Burlap Coffee Bags?

Now that we are roasting our own coffee, we have plenty of great re-usable burlap bags that our green beans come in!

If you’d like one, just come to our Roastery at 130 Anderson St. (at Preston) and a staff member at the coffee shop can help you out. We ask that you donate $2 for every bag and we will donate 100% of those proceeds go to a charity or group. If you have any suggestions for charities/groups that this money could benefit, let us know as we haven’t decided yet!

Also, we’d love to see the projects that are done with these bags so feel free to email with any pictures and we’ll put them up!

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3 thoughts on “Interested in Getting Some Burlap Coffee Bags?

  1. Hi
    I’m interested in making cool book bags with the bulap bags. I will send pics when I’ve done the design and completed one. Maybe it can be sold in the shop or online? Also: I’ve been very involved with a great charity in Mozambique. I travelled there 4 years in a row and worked on an orphanage for homeless children. It would be a great charity for Bridgehead to contribute too and I would be happy to give you a briefing on what the charity is about. They have a facebook page:
    Cindy Street – Grove Bridgehead

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