More Great Coffee Updates for February

Our coffees continue to change over to our Southern Harvest line-up over the next month. This week we welcome two new coffees and say goodbye to two old favourites.

  • Congolese

Producer: Sopacdi, Kivu in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Roast Profile:  Full Medium, 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
Detailed Flavour Profile: Quite a lot of dried fruit aromas, namely dates and raisins. This is an extremely rare and special coffee that we’re quite pleased to offer. The focus is on balancing nutty roast development with the coffee’s dried fruit and caramel aromas.

Sopacdi - Congo (1)

  • Brazilian

Producer: COOPFAM, Poco Fundo, Minas Girais

Roast Profile: Very Dark
Detailed Roast Profile: The coffee has a strong nutty and peaty aroma owing to the natural process, along with some heavily roasted nuts and smokiness due to the very dark roast profile. It has a very ample body with relatively low bitterness, making it a tasty and very approachable dark roast.

Our Mexican Medium and Mexican Dark roasts will be ending this week, so get them while you can. Enjoy!

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