Updates from Guatemala This Week

Good morning Bridgehead land!  Randy Hogg and I are down in Guatemala City and are looking forward to bringing you updates from some work we’re doing with our supply partners and fellow roasters here and in Mexico over the next two weeks.

This week we’ll be judging a coffee competition featuring around 30 coffees submitted by the communities that make up the CODECH cooperative in Huehuetenango.  We used this coffee this past Northern Season (July – January) as an espresso component and as a single origin drip.  It was pretty awesome in both (Randy was 3rd in the National Barista Competition using their coffee) and we’ve come here this year in hopes of improving the coming year’s offering by getting even more specially selected coffee for both espresso and drip.

For our espresso we’re on the lookout for something with a gooey, unctuous, buttery body and some nice jammy fruit aromas.  A lot of sweetness would be on the menu as well.  When it comes to drip we’re looking for something semi-sweet and juicy with nice florals, caramels, tropical fruit and roasted nuts in the aroma.  We’re also on the lookout for a very small microlot that we can run for a few weeks at the end of Summer — this would ideally be some sort of freakishly good combination of the targeted espresso/drip profiles.  We’re excited to see what’s out there — we cup tomorrow!

In the mean time I’ll leave you with this — Randy’s first coffee tree!  It’s not in great shape and is more of a decorative object in the hotel courtyard, but he’s pretty pumped nonetheless!



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