New Coffees are In-Store Now!

We’ve got some exciting new additions to our coffee line-up – and many more to come over the next month!

Colombian Dark:

Colombian coffee from ASOANEI in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Northern Colombia is back, this season as a dark roast! This coffee is primarily Typica variety and is produced by approximately 600 Arhuacan small-scale farmers in the Cesar department. The dark roast on this coffee yields a bittersweet taste and a heavy, creamy texture with aromas of toasted graham cracker, baker’s chocolate and smoke.


Mexican Dark:

This dark roast comes from the Triunfo Verde coop in Chiapas, Mexico. Their approximately 350 members grow some of the best coffee in Mexico due in part to the high altitudes of the Triunfo Bioreserve mountains. The coffee has a savoury, bittersweet taste with aromas of chocolate malt and toasted spices.


Decaf Peruvian Medium:

COOPVAMA is located in Jaén, Cajamarca, which is less than 100km south of CENFROCAFE where our North Peruvian Cloudforest coffee is grown. COOPVAMA is a large group with a membership of 1,400 members growing cashew and coffee. This decaf will be available through the end of August.

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